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Become a Friend of FireWise Today!

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FireWise of Southwest Colorado has been providing wildfire education and supporting wildfire preparedness planning and implementation since 2003, and with the wonderful work of our volunteers, we have made great strides in increasing wildfire awareness and keeping lives and properties from being damaged by wildfire.

As a local resident, FireWise Ambassador, homeowner association or partner we hope you have enjoyed the many benefits of your association with FireWise of Southwest Colorado. Now, as we watch grant funding that we have relied on for years decline, we are looking to you to help support our efforts to reach out to our friends and neighbors and help them better understand their wildfire risk and what they can do to mitigate that risk. Please consider becoming a Friend of FireWise and support us at any level that you can.

Annual Sponsorships run from January - December. Your Sponsorship donation is tax-deductible as a donation to FireWise of Southwest Colorado, operating under the non-profit umbrella of the San Juan Mountains Association, our fiscal agent.